Girls Giving Grants (g3) is the youth initiative of Impact Austin. We believe in teaching the next generation of women the importance of thoughtful giving. The purpose of g3 is to improve the lives of youth in our community through a grant-making process that relies upon cooperative giving, research and analysis.

g3 is made up of young philanthropists – our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, and neighbors – who are learning to be generous and informed givers. g3 creates philanthropic opportunities for girls in the Austin area in grades 8th-12th, and provides up to 30 hours community service credit.

How we work

Each member of Girls Giving Grants (g3) contributes an annual donation of $100. We then combine all of our donations and award that sum in the form of a grant to a local nonprofit organization that we select.

The g3 membership requirements are to be female, in grades 8th-12th, and to donate $100 each year. All of the $100 donations go toward the grant we award. Through our cooperative giving model, we are able to give more as a group than we could as individuals. Our grants will go to fund specific programs that directly touch and benefit the youth of our community.

We are committed to running g3 like a business by keeping our total overhead costs to 10% or less of annual members’ donations. Separate funds are raised to cover administrative expenses.

Our grant application process is designed to help us learn about needs in our community and the nonprofit organizations that serve those needs. As we review grant applications, we learn how to assess the capabilities and credibility of nonprofits. We evaluate proposed projects for feasibility, sustainability and importance to the community. We conduct due diligence reviews and site visits of our finalists. Then each g3 member gets one vote in choosing which worthy program will receive our grant each year.

Become a Member

Applications for our 2017-2018 class are now being accepted. Download your application here!

Membership Fee

The g3 membership contribution is $100. Members pool their contributions to make up the grant award. The total amount will be awarded to a local nonprofit that g3 chooses.

Time Commitment

Your participation commitment begins in October and ends in April when you give your grant to a local nonprofit. We meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Plan to participate in other activities, such as conducting a site visit to a nonprofit finalist and attending the grant award event where you will announce which local nonprofit will receive your grant money. See our application for our membership policy.

Community Service Credit

Through your participation with g3, you are eligible to receive up to 30 hours community service credit.

Our Mission

As members of Girls Giving Grants, we will make decisions using our heads and our hearts as we fund projects benefiting youth in the greater Austin area. We will educate ourselves on the needs in our community, while developing critical-thinking skills that will make us lifelong philanthropists. We will be empowered with the knowledge that we can make a difference.

Our Beliefs & Values

  • We believe simple is better
  • We have total ownership of the process & decision making.
  • We want to make a difference on a local level.

Important Dates

Oct - Dec

  • Attend g3 Training Sessions to learn about nonprofits and how to review grant applications
  • Review Grant Applications
  • Begin Selection Process

Jan - Apr

  • Conclude grant application evaluation
  • Select finalists
  • Conduct site visits
  • Award grant!