We have shown our community how a diverse group of women can make a huge difference, and we are paving the way for groups across the country. After ten successful years, we have found ourselves at a turning point – a time when the future requires us to take our impact to a higher level. The goal of the strategic planning process is to take a measurable step forward in strengthening our capabilities and our organization so that we thrive for another ten years and beyond. The focus of the Strategic Plan is Impact Austin’s long-term sustainability – making sure we have the financial resources, leadership, and organizational structure we need to achieve our mission and ensure a vibrant future. Achieving the following strategic initiatives will enable us to maintain our goals of making high-impact grants and providing the foundation to enhance our role as a leader in philanthropy in the greater Austin area.

Financial Stability

Guided by best practices in non-profit management and strategic board governance, Impact Austin will continue to support sound programs and business operations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We will strengthen and ensure our financial future by:

  • Increasing the Annual Membership Contribution from $1,000 to $1,250 beginning in FY 2015, with $1,000 continuing to provide grants for the important work done by our Community Partners, and an additional $250 investment in Impact Austin to support our daily operations and infrastructure
  • Forming a fund development committee to diversify revenue streams to support operations
  • Preserving our reserve funds and closely monitoring our level of operating expenses


Recognizing that our membership is the life force of Impact Austin, we are committed to growing and nurturing our community of diverse women to further the impact of our work. We will engage our members beginning in their first year and beyond by:

  • Creating broad and inclusive events to attract members with an array of perspectives, opinions and experiences; engaging members at a level that is flexible and personally meaningful
  • Creating an “on boarding” plan to develop relationships with new members as they begin their philanthropic journey with Impact Austin

We are excited to announce IMPACT-edu, a new initiative from our Philanthropy Education Committee to provide education opportunities to our membership, allowing them to develop skills to fulfill their philanthropic potential. We’ll be offering education modules and information sharing through presentations, panel discussions, and other forums.  

Grants Innovation

We support our members’ enthusiasm for discovering ways to help fill the gap in needed services throughout our Central Texas community.

As part of the strategic planning process, a Grants Innovation Committee was formed to explore various innovative grant making options, including those that serve critical needs to growing organizations with important non-programmatic needs. This committee consists of a broad cross-section of Impact Austin committee and board members, Community Partners, Central Texas non-profit and Foundation leaders, as well as community philanthropists.

Based on the comprehensive research and analysis efforts of the Grants Innovation Committee, we introduced a Catalyst Grant pilot in 2015 in addition to our multiple program grants. The Catalyst Grant, which we will again award in 2016, provides much needed funds for organizations to build and strengthen their infrastructure, thereby improving their long-term sustainability.